Woman - Burt Bacharach

Stock Number
AMLH 63709
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Summer Of '77 00:03:50
2 Woman 00:03:50
3 Riverboat 00:03:23
4 Magdelena 00:06:54
5 New York Lady 00:06:29
6 There Is Time 00:06:34
7 The Dancing Fool 00:02:08
8 I Live In the Woods 00:06:02
Credit Sort descending Role
Ann White background vocal
Armin Steiner engineer
Armin Steiner producer
Arthur Munson guitar
Bobby Shew trumpet
Burt Bacharach arranger
Burt Bacharach conductor
Burt Bacharach keyboards
Carly Simon lead vocal
David Parlato bass
Erno Neufeld violin
Grady Tate drums
Jack Crimes chief engineer
John Phillips alto sax
John Phillips flute
John Phillips oboe
John Phillips tenor sax
Libby Titus lead vocal
Linda Tyler engineer
Mark Eshelman assistant engineer
Mark Hanauer photography
Marti McCall background vocal
Mayuto Correa percussion
Michael Reese mastering
Michael Woolcock producer
Milcho Levien keyboards
Phil Dixon photography
Richard Greene violin
Ricky Sanchez assistant engineer
Robben Ford guitar
Roland Young art direction
Sally Stevens background vocal
Sally Stevens lead vocal
Stan Evenson design
Warren Leuning trumpet

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