Burt Bacharach TV Show Appearances

Burt Bacharach guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 97 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Jazz At the Spa 2008
A&M Biography 2001 profile
Walk On By 2001-4-14 Atlantic Crossing episode
Walk On By 2001-4-7 Producer Pop epidode
60 Minutes 1999-2-14 Interview
One Amazing Night 1998-11-17
BBC 1997
Great Performances: Burt Bacharach This Is Now 1997-5-17
BBC 1996
Dionne & Friends 1990-3 (with Carole Bayer Sager)
Dionne & Friends 1990-3 Stronger Than Before, A House Is Not a Home/Alfie, That's What Friends Are For (with Carole Bayer Sager, Dionne Warwick, Olivia Newton-John)
Arista Records 15th Anniversary 1990-4-17 That's What Friends Are For
Elizabeth Taylor Salute 1989-3 That's What Friends Are For (with Carole Bayer Sager, Stevie Wonder)
Entertainment Tonight 1987-8-7 Interview on tour with Warwick from Wolf Trap
Late Show 1987-5-22 That's What Friends Are For (with Carole Bayer Sager)
Grammy Awards 1987-2-24 That's What Friends Are For Grammy Win
Grammy Awards 1987-2-24 That's What Friends Are For (with Carole Bayer Sager, Dionne Warwick)
Solid Gold 1986-1-25 Alfie/That's What Friends Are For
Entertainment Tonight 1986-7-28 Interview
Academy Awards 1984-4-9 (with Christopher Cross) Arthur's Theme
Merv Griffin Show 1979-7-9
Merv Griffin Show 1979-5-9
Dinah 1979-5-15
Mike Douglas Show 1979-5-17
Merv Griffin Show 1979-5-23 Interview on "Woman"/Make It Easy on Yourself/What the World Needs Now
Merv Griffin Show 1979-7-24 Interview (Woman)/Alfie-This Guy's in Love with You/Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Mike Douglas Show 1979-11-26
Mike Douglas Show 1979-11-27
Mike Douglas Show 1979-11-28
Mike Douglas Show 1979-11-29
Mike Douglas Show 1979-11-30
Dinah 1977-2-22 Us
Phil Donohue Show 1977-2-21
Merv Griffin Show 1977-2-14
Bacharach in the Park 1977-2-13 Sandy Duncan, Jack Jones, Harlem Globetrotters
Mike Douglas Show 1977-2-6
Merv Griffin Show 1977-6-17
Merv Griffin Show 1977-3-20
Merv Griffin Show 1976-8-6
Merv Griffin Show 1976-4-30
Academy Awards 1976-3-29
Merv Griffin Show 1975-7-6
Kraft Music Hall 1974-1-10 ITC with Warwick, Joel Gray, Sacha Distel (Green Grass Starts to Grow/Magic Moments/I'll Never Fall in Love Again/Sweet Georgia Brown/Country Gardens/Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head/Make It Easy on Yourself/Alone Again Naturally/What's New Pussycat
Academy Awards 1974-4-2
Mike Douglas Show 1974-4-5
Emmy Awards 1974
Vin Scully Show 1973-1-18 Burt and Angie Dickinson interviewed
Burt Bacharach in Shangri-La 1973-1-26 Features Lost Horizon soundtrack and cast
Burt Bacharach: Opus 3 1973-2-28 The Look of Love/Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
Burt Bacharach: Close to You 1972-4-23 Walk on By/The Look of Love)/The Windows of the World)/Anyone Who Had a Heart/I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Merv Griffin Show 1972-6-29 Lost Horizon theme with Ross Hunter, Peter Finch
Merv Griffin Show 1972-7-17
Chevrolet Presents Burt Bacharach & Associates 1972-11-15 Wives and Lovers/Nikki
Bacharach Special on CBS 1971-3-14 Rudolph Nureyev, Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones, Angie Dickinson
This Is Your Life 1971-2-18 Profile of the Carpenters
Academy Awards 1971-4-15 Presenter
Dinah's Place 1971-11-20 With father Bert Bacharach
Flip Wilson Show 1971-6-17
Merv Griffin Show 1971-6-14
Singer Presents Burt Bacharach 1971-3-14 Barbra Streisand (One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home/Close to You/Be Aware/Any Day Now)
Hollywood Palace 1970-1-9 Co-hosts with Angie Dickinson
Golden Globe Awards 1970
Best on Record 1970
Dinah Shore Show 1970-11-24
Merv Griffin Show 1970-11-10 Host
This Is Tom Jones 1970-9-25 The Look of Love/What the World Needs Now Is Love/Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
Dinah's Place 1970-8-6
Kraft Music Hall 1970-7-29 Another Evening with Burt Bacharach (Always Something There to Remind Me/Alfie/Knowing When to Leave/Do You Know the Way to San Jose?)
Kraft Music Hall 1970-6-17 An Evening with Burt Bacharach (Loneliness Remembers/Anyone Who Had a Heart/Look of Love/Bond Street/Reach Out for Me)
Merv Griffin Show 1970-5-4
Academy Awards 1970-4-7
Grammy Awards 1970-3-11
Movin' 1970-2-23
Andy Williams Show 1970-2-4
Dick Cavett Show 1970-1-16
Jose Feliciano 1969-4-27
Feliciano! Very Special 1969
Della 1969-12-3
Kraft Music Hall 1969-11-19 Presents the Sound of Burt Bacharach
Dionne Warwick Special Souled Out 1969-9-17
David Frost Show 1969-8-19
Grammy Awards 1969-5-5
Dick Cavett Show 1968-5-8
Tonight Show 1968 Promises, Promises interview
Merv Griffin Show 1968-12-18
Joey Bishop Show 1968-8-9
Mike Douglas Show 1968-7-10
Mike Douglas Show 1968-7-5
Andy Williams Show 1968-4-24
Merv Griffin Show 1967-3-19
Hollywood Palace 1967-12-12 What the World Needs Now/What's New Pussycat/Alfie/Look of Love
Merv Griffin Show 1967-10-25
Academy Awards 1967-4-10
The Songmakers 1967-2-24
Merv Griffin Show (with Carole Bayer Sager) Sometimes Late At Night
Merv Griffin Show (with Carole Bayer Sager) Stronger Than Before/Easy to Love
Merv Griffin Show (with Sager, Christopher Cross) On the Way To the Sky/Money/Arthur/Alfie