A Different Kind Of Tension - Buzzcocks

Stock Number
44797 0055
I.R.S. Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of SP 70055.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Paradise 00:02:23
2 Sitting Around At Home 00:02:38
3 You Say You Don't Love Me 00:02:55
4 You Know You Can't Help It 00:02:22
5 Mad Mad Judy 00:03:35
6 Raison d'Etre 00:03:32
7 I Don't Know What I Want to Do With My Life 00:02:43
8 Money 00:02:45
9 Hollow Inside 00:04:46
10 A Different Kind Of Tension 00:04:46
11 I Believe 00:07:09
12 Radio Nine 00:00:41
13 Are Everything 00:03:36
14 Strange Thing 00:04:07
15 What Do You Know? 00:03:12
16 Why She's a Girl From the Chain Store 00:02:25
17 Airways Dream 00:03:51
18 Running Free 00:03:12
Credit Sort descending Role
Frank DeLuna mastering
Gervaise Soeurouge photography
Jay Boberg product manager
Jill Furmanovsky photography
John Maher drums
Judity Wrightson photography
Kevin Cummins photography
Malcolm Garrett artwork
Martin Hannett producer
Martin Rushent engineer
Martin Rushent producer
Marv Bornstein quality control
Peter Monks photography
Peter Shelley guitar
Peter Shelley keyboards
Steve Diggle guitar
Steve Garvey bass

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