Byzantium Concerts

Byzantium performed 71 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Clitheroe, England Clitheroe Castle 1973-6-2
Chatham, England Central Hall 1973-3-9
Guildford, England College of Technology 1973-3-10
Manchester, England Free Trade Hall 1973-3-12
Sheffield, England City Hall 1973-3-14
Leeds, England Town Hall 1973-3-16
Liverpool, England Royal Court Theatre 1973-3-17
Norwich, England St. Andrew’s Hall 1973-3-19
Newcastle, England City Hall 1973-3-20
Glasgow, Scotland Playhouse 1973-3-21
Edinburgh, Scotland Caley Cinema 1973-3-22
Hanley, England Victoria Hall 1973-3-23
St. Albans, England City Hall 1973-3-24
Southampton, England Guildhall 1973-3-26
Royal Tunbridge Wells, England Assembly Hall Theatre 1973-3-28
Sittingbourne, England Town Hall 1973-5-15
Bracknell, England Sports Centre 1973-4-21
Bristol, England Colston Hall 1973-4-9
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1973-4-7
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1973-4-6
Oxford, England Town Hall 1973-4-5
Birmingham, England Town Hall 1973-4-4
Leicester, England DeMontfort Hall 1973-4-2
Plymouth, England Guildhall 1973-3-31
Penzance, England Winter Gardens 1973-3-30
Guildford, England Civic Hall 1973-3-29
Reading, England Town Hall 1973-3-27
London, England 1972-9-19
Croydon, England Greyhound 1972-12-31
London, England 1972-12-28
London, England Mile End Sundown 1972-12-21
London, England Marquee Club 1972-11-29
Guildford, England Civic Hall 1972-11-26
Bournemouth, England Chelsea Village 1972-10-22
Ilford, England 1972-10-18
Dunstable, England Civic Hall 1972-10-4
Exeter, England University of Exeter 1972-3-18
Southampton, England Guildhall 1972-3-27
Newcastle, England City Hall 1972-3-26
Manchester, England Free Trade Hall 1972-3-25
Leeds, England Town Hall 1972-3-24
Sheffield, England City Hall 1972-3-23
Brighton, England Brighton Dome 1972-3-22
Guildford, England 1972-3-21
Cheltenham, England Town Hall 1972-3-20
Oxford, OH Town Hall 1972-3-28
Bournemouth, England Winter Gardens 1972-3-17
Glasgow, Scotland Kelvin Hall 1972-3-12
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1972-2-12
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1972-2-11
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1972-2-10
Brighton, England Top Rank 1972-2-7
Hemel Hempstead, England Dacorum Pavilion 1972-2-6
London, England Dagenham Roadhouse 1972-1-29
London, England Watford Technical College 1972-5-6
Clitheroe, England Clitheroe Castle 1972-9-2
Fulham, England 1972-7-24
Nottingham, England Forest Recreation Ground 1972-7-22
London, England Dagenham Roadhouse 1972-7-1
Glasgow, Scotland Apollo 1972-6-25
London, England 1972-6-9
Bardney, England Tupholme Hall 1972-5-28
Croydon, England 1972-5-21
London, England 1972-1-18
Sunderland, England Top Rank Suite 1972-5-5
London, England Roundhouse 1972-5-1
Preston, England Public Hall 1972-4-7
London, England 1972-4-3
Reading, England Top Rank 1972-4-2
Chatham, England Central Theatre 1972-3-30
Reading, England Town Hall 1972-3-29