Tapestry - Carole King

Stock Number
AMLH 2025
Ode Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1972
Recording Notes
Charted For 90 weeks
Chart Peak Date
Official UK Charts 4 1971-7-24
Credit Sort descending Role
Barry Socher violin
Carole King keyboards
Carole King needlepoint
Carole King piano
Carole King vocal
Charles Larkey bass
Chuck Beeson design
Curtis Amy baritone sax
Curtis Amy flute
Curtis Amy soprano sax
Curtis Amy tenor sax
Danny Kortchmar congas
Danny Kortchmar guitar
David Campbell viola
Hank Cicalo engineer
James Taylor background vocal
James Taylor guitar
Jim McCrary photography
Joel O’Brien drums
Joni Mitchell background vocal
Julia Tillman background vocal
Lou Adler producer
Merry Clayton background vocal
Perry Steinberg bass
Ralph Schuckett piano
Roland Young art direction
Russ Kunkel drums
Terry King cello

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