Teaser and the Firecat - Cat Stevens

Stock Number
UICY 75755/6
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2013-8 -28
Recording Notes
Limited edition SHM-CD
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 The Wind 00:01:42
2 Rubylove 00:02:37
3 If I Laugh 00:03:20
4 Changes IV 00:03:32
5 How Can I Tell You 00:04:27
6 Tuesday's Dead 00:03:36
7 Morning Has Broken 00:03:20
8 Bitterblue 00:03:12
9 Moonshadow 00:02:52
10 Peace Train 00:04:11
11 Moonshadow (Live At the Troubador) 00:03:06
12 Rubylove (Demo Version) 00:02:53
13 If I Laugh (Demo Version 00:04:04
14 Changes IV (Demo Version) 00:03:36
15 How Can I Tell You (Demo Version) 00:04:03
16 Morning Has Broken (Demo Version) 00:02:49
17 Bitterblue (Live At Royal Albert Hall) 00:03:38
18 Tuesday's Dead (From the Majikat Earth Tour) 00:04:09
19 Peace Train (Live At Royal Albert Hall 2003) 00:04:12
20 The Wind (From Yusuf's Cafe) 00:01:59
Credit Sort descending Role
Alun Davies guitar
Andreas Toumazis bouzouki
Andreas Tourmazis bouzouki
Angelos Hatzipavil bouzouki
Beth Stempel reissue coordination
Bill Levenson reissue supervision
Cat Stevens arranger
Cat Stevens guitar
Cat Stevens keyboards
Del Newman strings
Gerry Conway drums
Harvey Burns drums
Larry Steele bass
Larry Steele congas
Lee Hulko mastering
Paul Samwell-Smith producer
Rick Wakeman piano
Soap reissue design
Ted Jensen mastering
Ted Jensen remastering
Vartan Kurjian reissue art direction

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