On the Road to Find Out - Cat Stevens

Stock Number
602517 108698
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2009-7 -31
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:06
2 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:12
3 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:15
4 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:20
5 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:30
6 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:45
7 On the Road to Find Out 00:00:59
8 On the Road to Find Out 00:01:30
9 On the Road to Find Out 00:02:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan James bass
Alan Tew arranger
Alan Tew conductor
Alun Davies guitar
Aminah Islam artwork
Andreas Toumazis bouzouki
Andy Newmark drums
Angelo Hornak photography
Angelos Hatzipavil bouzouki
Anna Peacock vocal
Art Garfunkel vocal
Arthur Greenslade musical director
Barbara Ingram vocal
Barbara Massey background vocal
Barbara Massey vocal
Barry Beckett keyboards
Barry Hammond mix
Barry Morgan drums
Bernard Purdie drums
Bill Berg drums
Bill Brandt photography
Bill DeYoung liner notes
Bill Levenson compilation producer
Brenda Russell vocal
Brian Cole steel guitar
Broderick Smith harmonica
Bruce Lynch bass
Carla Benson vocal
Carmen Twillie vocal
Cat Stevens arranger
Cat Stevens bass
Cat Stevens guitar
Cat Stevens keyboards
Cat Stevens mandolin
Cat Stevens organ
Cat Stevens piano
Cat Stevens producer
Cat Stevens synthesizer
Cat Stevens vocal
Cat Stevens/Yusuf guitar
Cat Stevens/Yusuf keyboards
Cat Stevens/Yusuf liner notes
Cat Stevens/Yusuf percussion
Cat Stevens/Yusuf producer
Cat Stevens/Yusuf strings
Cat Stevens/Yusuf synthesizer
Cat Stevens/Yusuf vocal
Chick Corea piano
Daniel Cayotte assistant engineer
Dave Mattacks drums
David Gordon compilation producer
David Gordon photography
David Hefti engineer
David Hefti mix
David Hood bass
David Kershenbaum producer
David Sanborn alto sax
Del Newman arranger
Del Newman strings
Elkie Brooks vocal
Elton John
Emil Dacanay illustration
Emil Dacanay photography
Eric Appapoulay guitar
Evette Benton vocal
Francisco DeSouza percussion
Gered Mankowitz photography
Gerry Conway drums
Gerry Conway percussion
Gordie Fleming accordion
Harvey Burns drums
Harvey Burns percussion
Herbie Flowers bass
Jan Kilby photography
Jean Roussel arranger
Jean Roussel bass
Jean Roussel keyboards
Jean Roussel piano
Jean Roussel string arrangement
Jean Roussel strings
Jim Cregan guitar
Jim Ryan guitar
Jimmy Johnson guitar
John Marson harp
John Middleton engineer
John Ryan bass
Kwame Yeboah drums
Kwame Yeboah percussion
Larry Steele bass
Larry Steele congas
Lee Warburton musical director
Lewis Furey vocal
Linda Lewis vocal
Margaret Goldfarb coordination
Marjorie Lagerwall harp
Mark Warner guitar
Maymanah Islam photography
Mazen Murad mastering
Melba Joyce vocal
Michael Bobak engineer
Michael Bobak mix
Michael Putland photography
Mike Hurst producer
Mike Vickers musical director
Noel Walker producer
Patti Austin background vocal
Patti Austin vocal
Paul Martinez bass
Paul Samwell-Smith producer
Pete Carr guitar
Pete Saunders photography
Peter Gabriel flute
Peter Vettese organ
Phil Dennys conductor
Phil Dennys musical director
Phil Upchurch guitar
Ray Gomez guitar
Reggie Young guitar
Rick Wakeman keyboards
Roger Hawkins drums
Roland Harker banjo
Simon Nicol guitar
Suha Gur mastering
Suha Gur mix
Suzanne Lynch vocal
Tasha Thomas background vocal
Tasha Thomas vocal
Tim Henson piano
Tony Clarke mix
Venette Gloud vocal
Weldon Myrick steel guitar

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