Los Cochinos - Cheech & Chong

Stock Number
SP 77019
Ode Records
vinyl album, 8-track, c.
Released: 1973
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Sargent Stadanko 00:06:31
2 Peter Rooter 00:00:20
3 Up His Nose 00:03:25
4 Pedro and the Man at the Drive-Inn 00:12:44
5 The Strawberry Revival Festival 00:03:24
6 Don't Bug Me 00:01:27
7 Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course 00:00:36
8 Les Morpions 00:05:55
9 Cheborneck 00:01:12
10 White World Of Sports 00:03:02
11 Basketball Jones 00:04:04
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Reichline artwork
Billy Preston organ
Bonnie Pollie
Carole King piano
Darlene Love
Dick Hyde horns
Ed Caraeff photography
Fanita Jones
George Bohanon horns
George Harrison guitar
Jean King
Jill Smith
Jim Karsten drums
Jim Keltner percussion
Kierk Goodwich background vocal
Klaus Voormann bass
Leslie Maniskas background vocal
Leslie Oyler
Lisa Romane
Lou Adler producer
Michelle Phillips
Nicky Hopkins piano
Nolia Keenholz
Norm Kinney engineer
Norm Kinney mix
Paul Hubinon horns
Paul Zammit artwork
Peter Corriston design
Rae Dawn Chong
Reed Hutchinson artwork
Robbie Chong
Scott Harper
Scott Smith
Sherry Goffin
Tom Scott sax

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