Tarantella - Chuck Mangione

Stock Number
SP 6513
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1981
Recording Notes
Double album
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Tarantellas 00:03:55
2 The XI Commandment Suite 00:12:39
3 Legend Of the One Eyed Sailor 00:07:47
4 Bellavia 00:07:03
5 Hill Where the Lord Hides 00:06:20
6 Lake Placid Fanfare 00:00:17
7 Things to Come 00:05:38
8 Round Midnight 00:08:26
9 Manteca 00:11:05
10 My One and Only Love 00:11:59
11 All Blues 00:08:30
Credit Sort descending Role
Benno Friedman photography
Birch Johnson trombone
Bob Militello baritone sax
Carl Lockett guitar
Charles Meeks bass
Chick Corea acoustic piano
Chick Corea electric piano
Chick Corea percussion
Chick Corea trumpet
Chris Vadala flute
Chris Vadala sax
Chuck Mangione electric piano
Chuck Mangione flugelhorn
Chuck Mangione orchestration
Chuck Mangione producer
Dan D'Imperio drums
Dan D'Imperio percussion
Dave Mancini percussion
Dizzy Gillespie jaw-harp
Dizzy Gillespie trumpet
Eric Gale guitar
Gap Mangione electric piano
James Bradley, Jr. drums
James Bradley, Jr. percussion
Jay Wadenpfuhl french horn
Jeff Tyzik flugelhorn
Jeff Tyzik trumpet
Jeffrey D'Angelo bass
Jerry Peel french horn
Jim Daniels bass trombone
Joe Mosello flugelhorn
Joe Mosello trumpet
Joe Romano alto sax
Joe Romano tenor sax
Junie Osaki art direction
Junie Osaki design
Kathryn Moses flute
Keith O'Quinn trombone
Larry Swist engineer
Larry Swist mix
Lew Soloff flugelhorn
Lew Soloff trumpet
Mark Thomsen mix assistant
Pat LaBarbera tenor sax
Paul Viapiano guitar
Ralph MacDonald percussion
Richard Chamberlain trombone
Steve Gadd drums
Vince Morrette assistant engineer

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