Damned Concerts

Damned performed 55 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Brighton, England Top Rank Suite 1981-12-23
Blackburn, England King George's Hall 1981-4-26
Peterborough, England Wirrina Stadium 1981-7-4
Portsmouth, England Locarno 1981-7-4
London, England Lyceum Ballroom 1981-7-6
Leeds, England Queens Hall 1981-7-20
Hanley, England Victoria Hall 1981-7-27
London, England Hammersmith Palais 1981-8-3
London, England Fulham Greyhound 1981-9-20
London, England Lyceum 1981-11-5
London, England Lyceum 1981-11-12
London, England Fulham Greyhound 1981-11-21
Walsall, England Town Hall 1981-11-25
London, England Lyceum 1981-11-27
Edinburgh, Scotland Odeon 1981-12-13
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Mayrair Ballroom 1981-12-21
Reading, England Top Rank Suite 1981-12-22
Manchester, England Alexandria Park 1981-11-8
Huddersfield, England Cleopatra's 1980-11-27
Shepperton, England 1980-11-29
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Polytechnic 1980-11-30
Cardiff, Wales Top Rank 1980-12-25
Huddersfield, England Cleopatra's 1980-12-26
St. Austell, England Cornish Riviera Club 1980-12-26
Huddersfield, England Cleopatra's 1980-12-28
Derby, England Ajanta 1980-12-29
Bristol, England Locarno 1980-12-30
Southampton, England Gaumont 1980-11-24
Manchester, England Russell Club 1980-7-24
Birmingham, England Odeon 1980-4-2
London, England Hammersmith Apollo 1980-4-3
Manchester, England Apollo 1980-4-4
Tilburg, Netherlands 1980-5-16
Rotterdam, Netherlands 1980-5-17
Edinburgh, Scotland Odeon 1980-7-5
Glasgow, Scotland 1980-7-7
Paris, France Le Bataclan 1980-7-13
Birmingham, England Top Rank 1980-7-17
Derby, England Assembly Rooms 1980-7-18
Huddersfield, England Cleopatra's 1980-7-19
Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso 1980-7-20
Genoa, Italy Palaisport 1980-7-24
Liverpool, England Brady's 1980-3-1
Southend, England Shrimpers Club 1980-7-25
Milan, Italy Palaido 1980-7-30
Dundee, Scotland Caird Hall 1980-9-20
London, England Hope and Anchor 1980-11-5
Leicester, England De Montfort Hall 1980-11-19
Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Mayfair Ballroom 1980-11-20
Glasgow, Scotland Tiffany's 1980-11-21
Wakefield, England Unity Hall 1980-11-21
Worthing, England Pavilion 1980-11-22
Sheffield, England Top Rank 1980-11-23
Sheffield, England Top Rank 1980-11-23
Manchester, England Bellvue 1980-11-24