The Damned - Damned

Stock Number
SP 70012
SP 070013-A/B
I.R.S. Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1980-11 -17
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Wait For the Blackout 00:03:55
2 Lively Arts 00:03:01
3 Silly Kids Games 00:02:27
4 Drinking About My Baby 00:03:28
5 Twisted Nerve 00:04:31
6 Hit Or Miss 00:02:35
7 Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde 00:04:35
8 Sick Of This and That 00:01:48
9 History Of the World Part 1 00:03:52
10 13th Floor Vendetta 00:03:46
11 Therapy 00:07:39
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan Ballard photography
Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) guitar
Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) keyboards
Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) vocal
Damned producer
Dave Vanian design
Dave Vanian vocal
H. Leadbitter artwork
Hans Zimmer producer
Hans Zimmer synthesizer
Hugh Jones engineer
Paul Grey bass
Rat Scabies (Christopher Millar) drums
Rat Scabies (Christopher Millar) guitar
Rat Scabies (Christopher Millar) vocal

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