Dina Carroll

"As soon as I heard it ["It's Too Late" by Quartz], I phoned her manager, Oliver Smallman, and said, 'Stop talking to anyone else, sign with us we'll make sure this one happens. I was immediately struck by the quality of her vocal, but also by the fact that she'd co-written all of the songs....I realized she had a talent that was far more substantial than just being another dance diva. " A&M Records, Ltd. Managing Director Howard Berman told Billboard.

In 1992, Dina's first three singles were all top 20 in Britain. Her So Close album sold over 300,000 copies (platinum status) and was in the British top 20 for six months. The next two singles were top 30 in Britain.

  1. Dina Carroll. Billboard, September 4, 1993.
Recording Years / Label
1992-1993 -  A&M Records

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