Esperanto Rock Orchestra - Esperanto

Stock Number
AMX 2105
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1973
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 On Down the Road 00:05:00
2 Never Again 00:05:40
3 Perhaps One Day 00:04:35
4 Statue Of Liberty 00:05:00
5 Gypsy 00:06:35
6 City 00:04:06
7 Roses 00:05:10
8 Move Away 00:03:39
Credit Sort descending Role
Brian Holloway guitar
Brian Holloway piano
Bridget Du Doit guitar
Bridget Du Doit vocal
Bruno Libert keyboards
Dave McKay producer
Glenn Shorrock guitar
Glenn Shorrock vocal
Godfrey Salmon 2nd violin
Janice Slater vocal
Joy Yates flute
Joy Yates vocal
Ken Scott engineer
Ken Scott producer
Raymond Vincent 1st violin
Roger Quested engineer
Timothy Kraemer cello
Timothy Kraemer piano
Tony Harris sax
Tony Harris viola
Tony Malisan bass
Tony Malisan drums
Tony Malisan flute

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