VH1 Behind the Music: the Go-Go’s Collection - Go-Go’s

Stock Number
606949 061722
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 2000-5 -23
Recording Notes
Deleted 11/26/2007
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 We Got the Beat 00:02:31
2 Our Lips Are Sealed 00:02:46
3 Lust to Love 00:04:05
4 Skidmarks On My Heart 00:03:06
5 This Town 00:03:19
6 Can't Stop the World 00:03:18
7 Fading Fast 00:03:39
8 Vacation 00:03:00
9 Beatnik Beach 00:02:53
10 Get Up and Go 00:03:18
11 Speeding 00:02:09
12 Girl Of 100 Lists 00:02:20
13 Head Over Heels 00:03:37
14 Turn to You 00:00:00
15 Yes Or No 00:03:50
16 I'm the Only One 00:03:34
17 Mercenary 00:03:34
Credit Sort descending Role
142design design
Barry Korkin editorial assistance
Beth Stempel coordination
Charlotte Caffey guitar
Charlotte Caffey keyboards
Charlotte Caffey vocal
Chris Walter photography
Erick Labson mastering
Gina Schock drums
Gina Schock percussion
Jane Wiedlin guitar
Jane Wiedlin vocal
Jason Pastori photo research
Jeffrey Mayer photography
Kathy Valentine bass
Kathy Valentine guitar
Kathy Valentine vocal
Maryanne Bilham photography
Mike Ragogna compilation producer
Mike Ragogna liner notes
Richard Aaron photography
Robert Matheu photography
Tony Epes photography
Vartan Kurjian art direction
Vicki Berndt photography

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