Haydn Symphonies Nos. 94 & 95 & Toy - Hanover Band

Stock Number
83603 5126
Nimbus Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of NI 5126.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Symphony No. 94 Hob I:94 Adagio - Vivace Assai 00:08:11
2 Symphony No. 94 Hob I:94 Andante 00:06:01
3 Symphony No. 94 Hob I:94 Menuetto and Trio 00:04:04
4 Symphony No. 94 Hob I:94 Finale - Allegro di Molto 00:04:15
5 Symphony No. 95, Hob I:95 Allegro Moderato 00:06:12
6 Symphony No. 95, Hob I:95 Andante 00:04:35
7 Symphony No. 95, Hob I:95 Menuetto and Trio 00:04:42
8 Symphony No. 95, Hob I:95 Finale - Vivace 00:03:44
9 Cassation in G Major Marche 00:02:25
10 Cassation in G Major Menuetto and Trio 00:02:14
11 Cassation in G Major Allegro 00:04:45
12 Cassation in G Major Menuetto and Trio 00:04:00
13 Cassation in G Major Allegretto 00:02:29
14 Cassation in G Major Menuetto and Trio 00:01:56
15 Cassation in G Major Presto 00:01:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Accent, Swansea design
Anthony Halstead horn
Anthony Van Kampen bass
Barry Guy bass
Brian Smith violin
Caroline Brown cello
Catherine Ford violin
Cristel Wiehe violin
David Chatterton bassoon
David Chatterton whistle
Eleanor Sloan violin
Ellen O’Dell violin
Frances Eustace bassoon
Frances Eustace whistle
Francis Baines bass
Frank de Bruine oboe
Helen Verney cello
Ian Watson bass
Jane Coe cello
Jane Debenham violin
Jane Norman viola
Janos Keszei drums
Janos Keszei timpani
Joanne Cole cello
John Beadle whistle
John Hounam violin
Jonathan Impett trumpet
Jonathan Kahan violin
Judith Tarling viola
Julie Lehwalder cello
June Baines violin
Lisa Cochrane viola
Lorraine Wood oboe
Lorraine Wood rattle
Madeleine Thorner cello
Marie Knight violin
Mark Bennett toy trumpet
Marshall Markus violin
Martin Kelly viola
Mary Knepper horn
Nichollete Moonen violin
Nigel Bates Idiophone
Paul Boucher violin
Pavlo Bezosiuk violin
Penelope Veryard viola
Peter Davies flute
Philippa Davies whistle
Risa Browder violin
Robert Maycock liner notes
Samuel Scott painting
Simon Jones violin
Stephen Bull violin
Stephen Keavy trumpet
Sue Kinnersley violin
Utaka Ikeda flute
William Thorp violin

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