We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This - Hummingbird

Stock Number
UICY 77975
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2016-11 -23
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fire and Brimstone 00:04:57
2 Gypsy Skys 00:05:20
3 Trouble Maker 00:03:14
4 Scorpio 00:04:14
5 We Can't Go On Meeting 00:04:19
6 The City Mouse 00:04:49
7 A Friend Forever 00:05:30
8 Heaven Knows (Where You've Been) 00:04:05
9 Snake Shack 00:04:29
10 Let It Burn 00:05:02
Credit Sort descending Role
Bernard Purdie drums
Bernie Holland guitar
Bobby Tench guitar
Bobby Tench vocal
Clive Chaman bass
Clive Chaman harmonica
Dennis Weinreich engineer
Fabio Nicoli art direction
Frank DeLuna mastering
Hummingbird producer
Ian Samwell producer
Joanne Williams background vocal
John Pasche design
John Thornton photography
Liza Strike background vocal
Madeleine Bell background vocal
Max Middleton keyboards
Max Middleton Moog
Robert Ahwai guitar

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