Jiva - Jiva

Stock Number
AMLH 22003
Dark Horse Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1975-10 -31
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Something's Goin' On Inside L.A. 00:04:07
2 The Closer I Get 00:03:27
3 Love Is a Treasure 00:04:06
4 Take My Brother 00:04:06
5 Hey Brother 00:03:00
6 World Of Love 00:03:29
7 What You're Waiting For 00:03:36
8 It's Time You Know 00:03:22
9 Don't Be Sad 00:03:15
10 All Is Well 00:03:45
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Pariser director
Bob Edwards engineer
Gary Wright keyboards
James Strauss bass
James Strauss vocal
Michael Lanning guitar
Michael Lanning vocal
Michael Reed drums
Michael Reed percussion
Rik Pekkonen associate producer
Rik Pekkonen engineer
Stewart Levine producer
Thomas Hilton guitar
Thomas Hilton vocal
Tom Wilkes design
Tom Wilkes photography

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