Mercenaries/Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores - John Cale

Stock Number
IR 9008
IR 09008-A/B
I.R.S. Records
United States
Released: 1979
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve
Credit Sort descending Role
Deerfrance vocal
Don Hunerberg engineer
Hugh Brown photography
Jane Friedman executive producer
Joe Bidwell keyboards
Joe Bidwell organ
Joe Bidwell vocal
John Cale bass
John Cale guitar
John Cale organ
John Cale piano
John Cale producer
John Cale vocal
John Vogel design
Michael Mason drum machine
Michael Mason engineer
Peter Muny bass
Peter Muny vocal
Robert Medici drums
Robert Medici vocal
Roddy Hui mix
Sturgis Nikides guitar

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