Got My Eye On You - Johnny Koonce

Stock Number
SP 4936
SP 04936-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1983-4 -12
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fear Is Gone 00:04:09
2 Got My Eye On You 00:03:40
3 Dancing In the Dark 00:06:09
4 I'm Not Working For You 00:04:59
5 Don't Make Me Wait 00:04:33
6 I'll Take You Home 00:04:05
7 Media Sedation 00:05:08
8 Out On the Avenue 00:04:17
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Kooper
Al Kooper arranger
Al Kooper producer
August Johnson
Bob Edwards engineer
Bob Merritt engineer
Bruce Gary
Buzzy Felton
Christine de Lancie painting
Dave Thoener mix
Fred Tackett
Gary Green photography
Gene Morford
Greg Smith
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Jerry Jumenville
Jim Gilstrap
John Lehman
Johnny Koonce guitar
Johnny Koonce vocal
Kathy Howe production coordination
Lee Thornburg
Lynn Robb design
Mark Spangler guitar
Neil Stubenhaus
Oren Waters
Pete Doell assistant engineer
Peter Davis piano
Peter Davis synthesizer
Peter Davis vocoder
Prairie Prince (Charles Prince, Jr.)
Ric Butz assistant engineer
Ron Hicklin
Steve Forman
Steve Marcantonio assistant engineer
Terry Christian assistant engineer
Vince Colaitu
Yuma Cracken

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