Something to Love - L.T.D.

Stock Number
AMLH 64646
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Age Of the Showdown 00:05:41
2 Stay With Me (Won't Cha) 00:03:59
3 Back In Love Again (Every Time I Turn Around) 00:04:44
4 You Come First At Last 00:04:05
5 We Party Hearty 00:05:15
6 If You're In Need 00:03:38
7 Never Get Enough Of Your Love 00:03:47
8 Make Someone Smile, Today! 00:04:03
9 Material Things 00:04:14
Credit Sort descending Role
Abraham Miller, Jr. tenor sax
Benorce Blackmon guitar
Bernie Grundman mastering
Billy Osborne arranger
Billy Osborne organ
Billy Osborne percussion
Billy Osborne vocal
Bob Hughes engineer
Bobby Martin producer
Bobby Martin string arrangement
Carle Vickers flugelhorn
Carle Vickers flute
Carle Vickers trumpet
Douglas Graves assistant engineer
Henry Davis arranger
Henry Davis bass
Henry Davis percussion
Jake Riley trombone
Jeffrey Osborne arranger
Jeffrey Osborne drums
Jeffrey Osborne percussion
Jeffrey Osborne vocal
Jimmie Davis arranger
Jimmie Davis clavinet
Jimmie Davis percussion
Jimmie Davis piano
Jimmie Davis synthesizer
John McGhee guitar
L.T.D. executive producer
Lorenzo Carnegie alto sax
Lorenzo Carnegie tenor sax
Mark Hanauer photography
Melvin Webb drums
Michael Boddicker synthesizer programming
Mick Haggerty design
Roland Young art direction

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