Les Brown & His Band of Renown

Recording Years / Label
1986-1987 -  Fantasy Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Les Brown sax, clarinet
Stumpy Brown trombone
Louis Ciotti sax
Eric Doney piano
Howard Fallman sax
Darrel Gardner flugelhorn, trumpet
Rusty Higgins sax
Tom Hill bass
Greg Huckins sax
Fred Koyen flugelhorn, trumpet
Mundell Lowe guitar
Andy Martin trombone
Bob Payne trombone
Don Rader flugelhorn, trumpet
Jack Redmond trombone
Don Smith flugelhorn, trumpet
Jack Sperling drums
Butch Stone clarinet, sax
Matt Utal sax
Name Birth Death
Les Brown 1912-03-14 2001-01-04
Stumpy Brown
Louis Ciotti
Eric Doney
Howard Fallman
Darrel Gardner
Rusty Higgins
Tom Hill
Greg Huckins
Fred Koyen
Mundell Lowe 1922-04-21 2017-12-02
Andy Martin
Bob Payne
Don Rader 1935-10-21
Jack Redmond
Don Smith
Jack Sperling
Butch Stone
Matt Utal
Name See associated acts
Mundell Lowe Louie Bellson Big BandRichie Kamuca Quartet
Bob Payne Louie Bellson Big Band

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