Tall, Dark & Handsome - Les McCann

Stock Number
SP 4780
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dance Again 00:05:36
2 If There's Anything Better Than Love 00:04:19
3 They're Playing Our Song 00:03:25
4 Simply Heavenly 00:03:30
5 So Your Love Finally Ran Out For Me 00:04:25
6 I Believe the Sun Is Gonna Shine 00:04:50
7 All My Love 00:04:45
8 Trail Of Love 00:04:54
9 Party People 00:04:01
Credit Sort descending Role
Alfreda James background vocal
Alvin Taylor drums
Alvino Bennett drums
Amy Nagawara design
Angela Winbush background vocal
Benny Golson keyboards
Benny Golson producer
Billy Osborne keyboards
Billy Osborne percussion
Bob Hughes engineer
Bobby Martin executive producer
Claude Mougin photography
Craig Widby engineer
Freddie Washington bass
Garnett Brown horns
George Bohanon horns
George Sloane engineer
Helen Lowe background vocal
James Gadson drums
Jean Terrell background vocal
Jeffrey Osborne percussion
Jeffrey Osborne producer
Jerome Richardson horns
Johnny McGhee guitar
Johnny McGhee producer
Julia Tillman background vocal
Keni Burke bass
Les McCann keyboards
Linda Lawrence background vocal
Lorraine Johnson background vocal
Maxine Willard background vocal
Melvin Webb drums
Michael Boddicker synthesizer
Nolan Smith horns
Oscar Brashear horns
Paul Shure concertmaster
Randy Aldcroft horns
Robert O’Bryant, Sr. horns
Roland Young art direction
Ron Kersey keyboards
Sam Dees background vocal
Stephanie Spruill background vocal
Steve Erquiaga guitar
Tom Perry engineer
Wally Ali guitar

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