Cloudburst - Mighty Clouds of Joy

Stock Number
WR 8218
WR 08218-A/B
Word Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1980
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Wings Of Faith 00:00:00
2 Glow Love 00:00:00
3 Walk Around Heaven All Day 00:00:00
4 Praise the Lord 00:00:00
5 I Ain't No Ways Tired (AKA I Don't Feel No Ways Tired) 00:00:00
6 I'll Always Stay With God 00:00:00
7 Showing Each Other Love 00:00:00
8 Praise the Lord (reprise) 00:00:00
9 Everybody Ought to Praise His Name 00:00:00
10 I Made a Step 00:00:00
11 I'll Always Stay With God (reprise) 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Al McKay arranger
Al McKay bass
Al McKay drums
Al McKay guitar
Al McKay hand claps
Al McKay percussion
Al McKay producer
Anthony Coleman keyboards
Ben Wright arranger
Byron Clark engineer
Byron Clark mix
Clarence McDonald keyboards
Daniel Hoefer guitar
David McKay hand claps
Don Peal arranger
Donald O’Connor keyboards
Dwight Gordon bass
Dwight Gordon guitar
Eddie Brown congas
Ernie Fields contractor
Eugene Dozier arranger
Eugene Dozier hand claps
Ike Jones keyboards
James Gadson arranger
James Gadson co-producer
James Gadson drums
James Gadson hand claps
James Jamieson, Jr. bass
Janice Gower concertmaster
Jerry Peters keyboards
John Barnes arranger
John Barnes keyboards
Johnny Martin vocal arrangement
Kenny Burke bass
Martha Madigan artwork
Michael McGloiry guitar
Mighty Clouds of Joy arranger
Nancy Donald design
Pioneer Electronic Corp. artwork
Richard Wallace bass
Sid Sharpe concertmaster
Stephanie Spruill tambourine
Steve Zaretsky drums
Steve Zaretsky hand claps

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