Family Groove - Neville Brothers

Stock Number
395 384
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1992
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fly Like An Eagle 00:04:45
2 One More Day 00:05:16
3 I Can See It In Your Eyes 00:04:55
4 Day to Day Thing 00:04:54
5 Line Of Fire 00:04:25
6 Take Me to Heart 00:03:48
7 It Takes More 00:04:46
8 Family Groove 00:04:48
9 True Love 00:03:35
10 On the Other Side Of Paradise 00:03:45
11 Let My People Go 00:05:50
12 Saxafunk 00:03:08
13 Maori Chant 00:02:29
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Neville vocal
Art Neville keyboards
Art Neville vocal
Charles Neville sax
Curtis Watson trumpet
Cyril Neville percussion
Damien Neville vocal
Daryl Johnson guitar
David Leonard mix
David Leonard producer
David Wolinski arranger
David Wolinski drums
David Wolinski guitar
David Wolinski keyboards
David Wolinski producer
David Wolinski programming
Deff Generation Horns horns
Emanuel Steib trombone
Eric Kolb production manager
Eric Struthers guitar
Greg Tardy sax
Guzman photography
Jason Neville vocal
John Moore guitar
Julia Hare liner notes
Len Peltier art direction
Mervin Campbell trumpet
Nathan Hare liner notes
Peter Grant design
Ricky Caesar tuba
Steve Gall mastering
Steve Himelfarb assistant engineer
Steve Miller guitar
Steve Miller vocal
Tony Hall bass
Trina Shoemaker assistant engineer
Umbuku Neville liner notes
Wally Traugott mastering
Willie Green drums

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