Nylons Concerts

Nylons performed 105 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Ypslanti, MI 1989-4-1
Decatur, IL Kirkland Fine Arts Center 1989-4-8
Amsterdam, Netherlands Royal Theatre Carre 1989-4-21
Ann Arbor, MI 1989-6-28
Chicago, IL Petrillo Music Shell 1989-7-2
Concord, CA Concord Pavilion 1989-7-15
San Diego, CA 1989-7-16
Lewiston, NY 1989-7-21
Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheater 1989-9-2
Calgary, Canada Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 1989-9-9
Saratoga Springs, NY Performing Arts Center 1989-9-13
Kitchener, Canada Centre in the Square 1989-9-14
Collins, CO 1989-10-26
Collins, CO 1989-10-27
Colorado Springs, CO 1989-10-29
Grand Forks, ND Chester Fritz Auditorium 1989-11-7
Eugene, OR Silva Concert Hall 1989-11-17
Eugene, OR Silva Concert Hall 1989-11-18
Madison, WI Civic Center 1989-11-30
Madison, WI Civic Center 1989-12-2
Madison, WI Civic Center 1989-12-3
Madison, WI Civic Center 1989-12-4
La Crosse, WI La Crosse Center 1988-2-20
Anaheim, CA Disneyland 1988-3-4
San Jose, CA Center for the Performing Arts 1988-4-16
Madison, WI Oscar Mayer theater 1988-11-10
Maryland Heights, MO Westport Plaza Playhouse 1987-5-2
Wausau, WI 1987-5-15
Milwaukee, WI 1987-5-16
Chicago, IL 1987-5-17
Tulsa, OK 1987-5-19
Dallas, TX Arcadia Theatre 1987-5-20
Los Angeles, CA 1987-5-22
San Diego, CA 1987-5-23
New York, NY Carnegie Hall 1987-5-26
Toronto, Canada 1987-5-28
Toronto, Canada 1987-5-29
Sodbury, Canada 1987-5-30
North Bay, Canada 1987-5-31
London, Canada 1987-6-3
Hamilton, Canada 1987-6-4
Ottawa, Canada 1987-6-5
Kingston, Canada 1987-6-6
Orlando, FL 1987-6-7
San Francisco, CA 1987-6-12
Palm Desert, CA 1987-6-13
Vancouver, Canada Expo Theatre 1987-6-18
Vancouver, Canada 1987-6-19
Victoria, Canada 1987-6-25
Halifax, Canada 1987-6-26
Halifax, Canada 1987-6-27
Montreal, Canada Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier 1987-7-2
Dallas, TX 1987-7-12
Memphis, TN Mud Island Amphitheater 1987-7-15
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 1987-7-30
Indianapolis, IN Sports and Music Center 1987-8-1
Calgary, Canada Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 1987-8-9
Indianapolis, IN Sports and Music Center 1987-8-27
Calgary, Canada Jack Singer Concert Hall 1987-10-14
Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Theater 1987-11-8
Salt Lake City, UT Kingsbury Hall 1987-11-12
Helena, MT Civic Center 1987-11-15
Rochester Hills, MI Meadow Brook 1986-7-5
Vancouver, Canada Expo Theatre 1986-7-16
Washington, DC East Side Club 1986-11-12
Sterling Heights, MI Premier Center 1986-12-11
Montreal, Canada Forum 1985-3-15
Quebec City, Canada Colisee de Quebec 1985-3-16
Calgary, Canada Al San Centre 1985-3-28
Calgary, Canada Al San Centre 1985-3-29
Denver, CO Red Rocks 1985-6-26
Chicago, IL Park West 1985-7-10
Ann Arbor, MI Power Center 1985-10-12
Sherbrooke, Canada Bishop’s University 1985-10-16
Calgary, Canada Jack Singer Concert Hall 1985-11-27
Calgary, Canada Jubilee Auditorium 1984-6-27
San Francisco, CA Warfield 1984-12-15
San Francisco, CA Warfield 1984-12-16
San Francisco, CA Warfield 1984-12-17
London, Canada Alumni Hall 1983-1-20
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-1-27
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-1-28
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-1-29
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-3-10
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-3-11
Milwaukee, WI Performing Arts Center 1983-5-2
Duncan, Canada Cowichan Theatre 1983-6-27
Montreal, Canada Theatre St-Denis 1983-7-16
Montreal, Canada Le Spectrum 1983-11-28
Ottawa, Canada Congress Centre 1983-12-21
Calgary, Canada University Theatre 1982-4-2
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-5
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-6
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-7
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-8
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-9
Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom 1982-4-10
Victoria, Canada Royal Theatre 1982-4-15
Victoria, Canada Royal Theatre 1982-4-16
Victoria, Canada Royal Theatre 1982-4-17
Calgary, Canada University Theatre 1982-4-26
Calgary, Canada University Theatre 1982-4-27
San Francisco, CA Boarding House 1982-5-22
Calgary, Canada Jubilee Auditorium 1982-11-27
Victoria, Canada Royal Theatre 1982-12-4