It’s Alive - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Stock Number
AMLM 66006
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Walkin' Down the Road 00:03:00
2 Black Sky 00:02:56
3 You Know Like I Know 00:04:10
4 River to the Sun 00:03:49
5 A Satisfied Mind 00:04:13
6 Fly Away Home 00:02:46
7 Horse Trader 00:03:55
8 Following the Way I Feel 00:03:33
9 Chicken Train 00:03:01
10 Ooh Boys (It's Hot) 00:03:46
11 Homemade Wine 00:02:29
12 Commercial Success 00:03:21
13 Jackie Blue 00:04:17
14 Noah 00:03:41
15 If You Wanna Get to Heaven 00:03:49
16 It's All Over Now 00:03:28
Credit Sort descending Role
Jerry Mills mandolin
Jim Mayfield photography
John Dillon fiddle
John Dillon guitar
John Dillon jew’s harp
John Dillon piano
Junie Osaki design
Larry Lee drums
Larry Lee guitar
Larry Lee piano
Marty Lewis engineer
Mike Granda bass
Mike Granda guitar
Roland Young art direction
Ruell Chappell keyboards
Rune Walle banjo
Rune Walle guitar
Steve Canaday bass
Steve Canaday drums
Steve Canaday guitar
Steve Cash harmonica

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