Don’t Look Down - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Stock Number
602527 511603
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2010-9 -14
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 River to the Sun 00:03:24
2 Crazy Lovin' 00:03:45
3 Giving It All to the Wind 00:04:13
4 The Fox 00:02:45
5 Backroads 00:03:36
6 Snowbound 00:03:31
7 Following the Way That I Feel 00:03:37
8 Love Makes the Lover 00:03:21
9 True Believer 00:04:15
10 Moon On the Rise 00:03:04
11 Stinghead 00:02:10
12 Sweetwood 00:04:30
13 Plainity 00:02:32
14 Valencia Road 00:02:53
Credit Sort descending Role
Brian Hagiwara design
David Kershenbaum producer
Jerry Mills mandolin
Jim McCrary photography
John Dillon fiddle
John Dillon guitar
John Dillon piano
John Dillon vocal
Larry Lee drums
Larry Lee guitar
Larry Lee synthesizer
Larry Lee vocal
Marc Hanauer photography
Michael Granda bass
Michael Granda guitar
Michael Granda vocal
Nigel Walker assistant engineer
Pete Henderson engineer
Roland Young art direction
Ruell Chappell keyboards
Ruell Chappell vocal
Rune Walle banjo
Rune Walle guitar
Rune Walle sitar
Rune Walle vocal
Stan Evanson design
Steve Canaday drums
Steve Canaday guitar
Steve Canaday vocal
Steve Cash harmonica
Steve Cash percussion
Steve Cash vocal
Tom Likes assistant engineer

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