Common Ground - Paul Winter

Stock Number
SP 4698
SP 04698-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1978
Recording Notes
Sticker, custom liner. CD is Audio Master Plus (AM+) Series
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Ancient Voices 00:03:56
2 Eagle 00:02:09
3 Icarus 00:04:09
4 Promise Of a Fisherman (iemanja) 00:03:38
5 Ocean Dream 00:07:35
6 Trio 00:01:14
7 Common Ground (Velho Sermao) 00:03:42
8 Lay Down Your Burden 00:02:57
9 Wolf Eyes 00:06:33
10 Duet 00:00:40
11 Midnight (Minuit) 00:04:23
12 Trilogy 00:01:54
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Cahn steel drums
Chris Brown assistant engineer
Chuck Beeson design
Cruz Baca lead vocal
David Darling cello
David Greene engineer
David Greene producer
David Greene remix
Dixon Van Winkle engineer
Dixon Van Winkle remix
Edward Kasper illustration
Gary King bass
Geoff Daking assistant engineer
Janet Johnson background vocal
Janet Johnson lead vocal
Jay Borden assistant engineer
Jesse Henderson assistant engineer
Jim Scott arranger
Jim Scott guitar
Jim Scott lead vocal
John Guth 12 string guitar
John Guth lead vocal
Kwaku Dadey percussion
Laudir de Oliveira percussion
Matt Murray assistant engineer
Michael Blair percussion
Michael Holmes lead vocal
Mike Frondelli assistant engineer
Mike Mills assistant engineer
Neal Ceppos assistant engineer
Oscar Castro-Neves arranger
Oscar Castro-Neves classical guitar
Oscar Castro-Neves organ
Oscar Castro-Neves producer
Paul Berliner arranger
Paul Berliner percussion
Paul McCandless arranger
Paul McCandless english horn
Paul McCandless flute
Paul McCandless lead vocal
Paul McCandless oboe
Paul Winter alto sax
Paul Winter arranger
Paul Winter lead vocal
Paul Winter producer
Paul Winter soprano sax
Perry Cheatham assistant engineer
Ralph Towner arranger
Ray Brown bass
Regina Werneck lead vocal
Robert Chappell percussion
Robert Ludwig mastering
Roger Chappell organ
Roger Chappell synthesizer
Roland Young art direction
Steve Gadd percussion
Steve Horelick percussion
Susan Osborn background vocal
Susan Osborn lead vocal
Tigger Benford percussion
Tim Bomba assistant engineer
Tom Arrison assistant engineer
Tom Huffman photography
Vern Carlson assistant engineer
Zed McLarnon assistant engineer

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