Beat the System - Petra

Stock Number
L 38391
Word Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Beat the System 00:04:22
2 Computer Brains 00:04:01
3 Clean 00:03:01
4 It Is Finished 00:03:52
5 Voice In the Wind 00:04:30
6 God Gave Rock and Roll to You 00:03:54
7 Witch Hunt 00:04:34
8 Hollow Eyes 00:04:03
9 Speak to the Sky 00:04:16
10 Adonai 00:04:42
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Hartman guitar
Bob Hartman vocal
Carl Marsh arranger
Carl Marsh programming
David Hix photo edit
Don Cobb assistant engineer
Greg Volz vocal
Greg Volz vocal arrangement
J. T. Cantwell assistant engineer
John Lawry background vocal
John Lawry keyboards
Jonathan Brown engineer
Jonathan Brown mix
Jonathan Brown producer
Jonathan Brown vocal arrangement
Lori Cooper design
Louis Weaver drums
Louis Weaver percussion
Mark Kelly background vocal
Mark Kelly bass
Mark Kelly synthesizer
Rhett Lawrence programming
Robert Peak, Jr. cover concept
Robert Peak, Jr. photography
Steve Hall mastering
Todd Van Etten assistant engineer

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