Not Of This World - Petra

Stock Number
SP 5066
SP 05067-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Visions 00:02:04
2 Not Of This World 00:04:49
3 Bema Seat 00:03:54
4 Grave Robber 00:04:18
5 Blinded Eyes 00:05:33
6 Not by Sight 00:03:20
7 Lift Him Up 00:03:26
8 Pied Piper 00:04:00
9 Occupy 00:03:28
10 Godpleaser 00:04:35
11 Visions Reprise (Doxology) 00:02:28
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Hartman guitar
Bob Hartman vocal
David Rogers assistant engineer
Doug Sarrett assistant engineer
Greg Volz guitar
Greg Volz percussion
Greg Volz vocal
Joan Tankersley art direction
John Slick keyboards
John Slick vocal
Jonathan Brown producer
Keith Edwards drums
Lori Cooper layout
Louis Weaver drums
Louis Weaver percussion
Mark Kelly bass
Mark Kelly vocal
Mark Tucker photography
Randy Rogers illustration
Steve Hall mastering

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