Prestige Blues-Swingers

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Jerome Richardson flute, alto sax
Pepper Adams baritone sax
Wendell Marshall bass
Osie Johnson drums
Tiny Grimes guitar
Ray Bryant piano
Jimmy Forrest tenor sax
Buster Cooper trombone
Art Farmer trumpet
Idrees Sulieman trumpet
Name Birth Death
Jerome Richardson 1920-11-15 2000-06-23
Pepper Adams 1930-10-08 1986-09-10
Wendell Marshall 1920-10-24 2002-02-06
Osie Johnson 1923-01-11 1966-02-10
Tiny Grimes 1916-07-07 1989-03-04
Ray Bryant 1931-12-24 2011-06-02
Jimmy Forrest 1920-01-24 1980-08-26
Buster Cooper 1929-04-04 2016-05-13
Art Farmer 1928-08-21 1999-10-04
Idrees Sulieman 1923-08-07 2002-07-28

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