Body Bumpin’/Y to the Yippie - Public Announcement

Stock Number
731458 244523
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2013-5 -21
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo) 00:04:33
2 Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo) 00:05:28
3 Y To the Yippie (Step On) 00:05:30
4 Body, Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo) 00:08:09
5 Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo) 00:08:12
Credit Sort descending Role
Earl Robinson producer
Eric Sexton associate executive producer
Henley Regisford, Jr. executive producer
Kelly G producer
Kelly Griffin remix
Martin Stebbing mix
Martin Stebbing remix
Matt Prock assistant engineer
Mike Dunn mix
Mike Dunn producer
Mike Dunn remix
Mingo Valentino vocal
Roger Troutman
Steve Johnson assistant engineer
Steve Weeder engineer
Steve Weeder mix
Unohoo executive producer

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