Quincy Jones Discography

There are 604 releases for Quincy Jones. Click below for detailed information.

"Roots" Medley/Many Rains Ago

12 Best Pops Vol. 1

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A Arte de Quincy Jones

A&M Classics

A&M Gold Series

A&M New Gold Series

A&M Startrax

Ai No Corrida

Ai No Corrida/Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me

Ai No Corrida/Ironside/Manteca

Ai No Corrida/Razzamatazz

Ai No Corrida/The Dude

Ai No Corrida/There's a Train Leavin'

Ai No Corrida/There's a Train Leavin'/Stuff Like That

Ai No Corrida/There’s a Train Leavin’

Best Of

Best Selection

Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me/Somethin' Special

Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me/Somethin' Special/Superstition

Body Heat

Body Heat/One Track Mind

Body Heat/Soul Saga

Body Heat/Soul Saga (Song Of the Buffalo Soldier)

Boogie Joe, the Grinder/One Track Mind

Boogie Joe, the Grinder/Soul Saga

Bridge Over Troubled Water Parts 1 and 2

Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Ironside

Chump Change/Sanford and Son Theme

Classics Collection Vol. 2

Classics Collection Vol. 3

Compact Hits

From Q, With Love

Gem Of Quincy Jones

Getaway (Love Theme From the)

Gold Superdisc

Golden Prize

Greatest Hits

Gula Matari

Gula Matari/Dead End

I Heard That!!

I Heard That!!/Love I Never Had It So Good


If I Ever Lose This Heaven/Along Came Betty


Ironside (Theme From)/Smackwater Jack

Ironside (Theme From)/Superstition

Ironside/Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Is It Love That We're Missin'/Cry Baby

J. S. Bach/Handel

John and Mary

Just a Man

Just Once

Just Once/One Hundred Ways

Just Once/Razzamatazz

Just Once/The Dude

Just Once/Turn On the Action

Killer Joe/Maybe Tomorrow

Killer Joe/Oh Happy Day

Las Cosas Podrian Ser Peor Para Mi/Yo Lo Oi

Live At Budokan

Love and Peace

Love and Peace/Oh Happy Day

Love Theme From "The Getaway" (Faraway Forever)

Love Theme From "The Getaway" (Faraway Forever)/Love Theme From "The Getaway" (Faraway Forever)

Love, I Never Had It So Good

Love, I Never Had It So Good/Body Heat/I Heard That

Love, I Never Had It So Good/I Heard That

Love, I Never Had It So Good/I Heard That/Body Heat

Love, Q

Many Rains Ago/Roots Medley

Mellow Madness