Carmina Burana - Ray Manzarek

Stock Number
L 38145
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1983
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) 00:03:06
2 Wounds Of Fate (Fortune Plango) 00:03:44
3 Face Of Spring (Veris Leta Facies) 00:04:16
4 Sunrise (Omnia Sol Temperat) 00:02:14
5 Welcome (Ecce Gratum) 00:02:46
6 The Dance (Tanz) 00:02:25
7 Sweetest Boy (Dulcissime) 00:00:34
8 If the World Was Mine (Were Diu Weritz) 00:00:50
9 Boiling Rage (Estuans Interius) 00:03:14
10 The Roasted Swan (Olim Lacus) 00:02:11
11 In the Tavern (In Taberna) 00:02:33
12 Love Flies Everywhere (Amor Volat) 00:02:08
13 Young Girl (Stetit Puella) 00:02:54
14 Come, My Beauty (Veni Veni Venias) 00:02:36
15 The Lovers (Blanziflor et Helena) 00:01:16
16 Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) 00:03:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Holzman synthesizer
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bruce Fifer vocal
Catherine Aks vocal
Cindy Heuuess vocal
Clay Rose engineer
Dora Ohrenstein vocal
Doug Hodges bass
Elliot Levine vocal
Gene Wooley engineer
Hieronymus Beach illustration
Imball Wheelner vocal
Jack Kripl flute
Jack Kripl sax
Joe Chiccarelli mix
John Beverly Jones engineer
Kurt Munkacsi producer
Larry Anderson drums
Larry Williams photography
Lynn Robb design
Ma Premm Alimo vocal
Maryann Hart vocal
Michael Hume vocal
Micheal Riesman conductor
Micheal Riesman orchestration
Micheal Riesman synthesizer
Patrick Romano vocal
Philip Glass producer
Ray Manzarek arranger
Ray Manzarek keyboards
Ray Manzarek organ
Ray Manzarek piano
Ted Hall guitar

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