Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Rob McConnell trombone
Jerry Toth clarinet, flute, alto sax
Moe Koffman clarinet, flute, sax
Eugene Amaro clarinet, flute, tenor sax
George Stimpson French horn
Richard Berg French horn
Ed Bickert guitar
Mike Craden percussion
Jimmy Dale piano
Dave McMurdo trombone
Ron Hughes trombone
Bob Livingston trombone
Ian McDougall trombone
Arnie Chycoski flugelhorn, trumpet
Erich Traugott flugelhorn, trumpet
Bruce Cassidy flugelhorn, trumpet
Guido Basso flugelhorn, trumpet
Sam Noto flugelhorn, trumpet
Name Birth Death
Rob McConnell 1935-02-14 2010-05-01
Jerry Toth 1928-11-15 1999-03-31
Moe Koffman 1928-12-28 2001-03-28
Eugene Amaro 1926-09-25 2010-03-23
George Stimpson 1948-10-04
Richard Berg
Ed Bickert 1932-11-29 2019-02-28
Mike Craden
Jimmy Dale
Dave McMurdo 1944-03-04 2011-06-13
Ron Hughes
Bob Livingston
Ian McDougall
Arnie Chycoski 1936-05-07 2008-09-10
Erich Traugott 1928-05-18
Bruce Cassidy
Guido Basso 1937-09-27
Sam Noto 1930-04-17

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