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"Attic has always held the respect of the industry for their keen ear and their dedication to finding and nurturing talent. All of our people are very excited about getting together."--Gerry Lacoursiere, RPM January 12, 1985


Attic Records was distributed by A&M Records of Canada from January 1, 1985 to 1989. The artist roster when the agreement took effect were The Nylons, Lee Aaron, Warriors, Kamahl, Belinda Metz, Body Electric, MacLean & MacLean, The Villains, Katrina nd the Waves, The Rovers and Frank Yankovic. The distribution agreement also included catalog back to 1980.

Tom Williams and Alexander Mair started Attic Records in 1974. It was a Canadian label that focused on developing Canadian artists. By 1989 Attic had grown to be Canada's largest independent record label. Mair and Williams sold Attic in 1999 to The Song Corporation. The Song Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and the Attic catalog went to Unidisc Music.

Attic distributed these labels via A&M Records: Roadrunner Records (a Dutch label acquired in 1984), Mausoleum, Music Interior, Immediate and Bandleader. The releases from these labels all had Attic's logo, had an Attic stock number and were not identified to their original label.

Viper Records and Real Authentic Sound (RAS) were also distributed through Attic via A&M but used their own logo, label design and stock numbering system. 

Bandleader was a British label that licenses military band recordings to Attic for the Canadian market. It was the only label distributed by Attic that was given its own stock numbering series.

A&M Canada Welcomes Attic Records


Effective October 31, 1988 Attic Records reduced the price of its CDs to be under $20 at retail. Attic did this by reducing the wholesale price 12 percent. 

Richard Marx, Bill Ott

Listening session with Richard Marx and Bill Ott.

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