I Believe In Love - Rockie Robbins

Stock Number
SP 4659
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I Feel Like a Wog 00:03:16
2 Bitching 00:04:25
3 Dead Ringer 00:02:46
4 Dagenham Dave 00:03:18
5 Bring On the Nubiles 00:02:15
6 Something Better Change 00:03:35
7 No More Heroes 00:03:27
8 Peasant In the Big Shitty 00:03:25
9 Burning Up Time 00:02:25
10 English Towns 00:02:13
11 School Mam 00:06:52
Credit Sort descending Role
Alton McClain background vocal
Bill Bottrell engineer
Gordy Knudtson drums
Gwen Brown background vocal
Gwen Matthews background vocal
Jerry Peters producer
Jerry Stecking engineer
Jim Gilstrap background vocal
John Guess engineer
John Lehman background vocal
John Rowin guitar
Louis Russell guitar
Nate Neblett drums
Patty Peterson background vocal
Richard Evans strings and horn arrangement
Rick Cornish guitar
Rick Houle bass
Ricky Peterson keyboards
Ricky Peterson synthesizer
Rockie Robbins background vocal
Rockie Robbins bass
Skip Scarborough keyboards
Skip Scarborough producer
Stephanie Spruill percussion

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