Son Of America - Seemon & Marijke

Stock Number
10 385 AT
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Recording Notes
Picture sleeve
Credit Sort descending Role
Alfonzo Rojo trumpet
Booker T. Jones keyboards
Charles Lognata trumpet
Chris Ethridge bass
Colleen Fortune background vocal
Frank Mayes sax
George St. John oboe
George St. John sax
Gerald Lawrence steel drums
Graham Nash clarinet
Graham Nash guitar
Graham Nash percussion
Graham Nash producer
Joe Barbata drums
John Bonello guitar
Joni Mitchell background vocal
Kazem Razzazar viola
King Charles steel drums
Larry Cox engineer
Louis Sayegh drums
Mac Niles steel drums
Manoochehr Sadeghi santoor
Marijke Koger keyboards
Marijke Koger vocal
Mario James steel drums
Morreen Thornton background vocal
Nick DeCaro accordion
Pancho Escalantes trumpet
Pete Kleinow slide guitar
Richard Fortune guitar
Rita Coolidge background vocal
Simon Prosthuma keyboards
Simon Prosthuma vocal

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