Singing and Swinging - Sharon, Lois & Bram

Stock Number
75029 1303
Elephant Records
United States
cassette album.
Released: 1990
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Ticka Tacka Telephone 00:00:00
2 Charlie Over the Ocean 00:00:00
3 All Hid 00:00:00
4 The Smile on the Crocodile 00:00:00
5 Doctor Knickerbocker 00:00:00
6 Yes Indeed 00:00:00
7 The Ants Go Marching 00:00:00
8 Very Best Band 00:00:00
9 Poor Howard 00:00:00
10 Jamais On N'a Vu 00:00:00
11 The Muffin Man 00:00:00
12 I Know a Little Pussycat 00:00:00
13 The Cat Came Back 00:00:00
14 Eeny Meeny My 00:00:00
15 Bassez Down 00:00:00
16 Monte Sur Un Elephant 00:00:00
17 The Aba Daba Honeymoon 00:00:00
18 Pineybo 00:00:00
19 Dance to Your Daddy Medley 00:00:00
20 Odda Papah De Pollah 00:00:00
21 Waddaly Atcha 00:00:00
22 Once I Saw Three Goats 00:00:00
23 I Am Slowly Going Crazy 00:00:00
24 You Made Me a Pallet On the Floor 00:00:00
25 Precious Friends 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Ben Mink mandolin
Bill Beecroft trombone
Bill Usher bass box
Bill Usher claves
Bill Usher congas
Bill Usher cowbell
Bill Usher drums
Bill Usher guiro
Bill Usher hand claps
Bill Usher organ
Bill Usher percussion
Bill Usher quica
Bill Usher shapker
Bill Usher tambourine
Bill Usher tin whistle
Bob Becker hosho
Bob Becker marimba
Bob Becker mbira
Bram Morrison guiro
Bram Morrison hand claps
Bram Morrison vocal
Colin Linden guitar
Dennis Pendrith bass
Don Englert alto sax
Don Englert clarinet
Don Englert flute
Don Englert piccolo
Earl LaPierre steel drums
Elizabeth Keenan harpsichord
Eric Nagler autoharp
Eric Nagler banjo
Eric Nagler fiddle
Eric Nagler mandolin
Glen Chadwick guitar
Graham Townsend fiddle
Grit Laskin banjo
Jane Vasey piano
Jim MacLean harmonica
Joe Sealy piano
John MacLeod trumpet
Lois Lillenstein hand claps
Lois Lillenstein piano
Lois Lillenstein vocal
Pat Godfrey clavinet
Rick Knight organ
Rick Knight synthesizer
Rick Wychesko trumpet
Scott Irvine tuba
Sharon Hampson hand claps
Sharon Hampson vocal
Ted Rosnick cymbal

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