Collaboration - Shawn Phillips

Stock Number
SAMLZ 934520
A&M Records
New Zealand
vinyl album.
Released: 1972
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Us We Are 00:05:03
2 Burning Fingers 00:03:30
3 Moonshine 00:04:41
4 For Her 00:01:57
5 What's Happenin' Jim 00:03:34
6 Armed 00:06:48
7 Spaceman 00:03:26
8 Times Of a Madman, Trials Of a Thief 00:02:42
9 8500 Years 00:02:32
10 Only Logical Conclusion/Get Up Off Your Ass and Dance 00:04:51
11 Coming Down Soft & Easy 00:05:14
12 Springwind 00:09:28
Credit Sort descending Role
Johnathan Weston producer
Jonathan Weston producer
Paul Buckmaster arranger
Paul Buckmaster cello
Peter Robinson arranger
Peter Robinson bass
Peter Robinson organ
Peter Robinson piano
Robin Cable engineer
Shawn Phillips guitar
Shawn Phillips vocal

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