Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow

Stock Number
UICY 91209
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2008-12 -3
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Maybe Angels 00:04:56
2 Change 00:03:50
3 Home 00:04:51
4 Sweet Rosalyn 00:03:58
5 If It Makes You Happy 00:05:23
6 Redemption Day 00:04:27
7 Hard to Make a Stand 00:03:07
8 Everyday Is a Winding Road 00:04:16
9 Love Is a Good Thing 00:04:43
10 Oh Marie 00:03:30
11 Superstar 00:04:58
12 The Book 00:04:34
13 Ordinary Morning 00:03:55
14 Free Man 00:03:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Anders Rundblad bass
Blair Lamb engineer
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bob Salcedo engineer
Bob Stewart horns
Brian MacLeod drums
Brian MacLeod loops
Cappy Japngie assistant engineer
Curtis Fowlkes horns
Dan Rothchild bass
Danny Faragher bass
Dave Douglas horns
Husky Hoskokis assistant engineer
James Minchin, III photography
Jane Scarpantoni strings
Jeff Trott guitar
Jeff Trott loops
Jeff Trott vocal
Jeri Heiden art direction
Jeri Heiden design
Jim Keltner drums
John Paterno assistant engineer
Josh Roseman horns
Karen Walker art direction
Karen Walker design
Michael Urbano drums
Mitchell Froom associate producer
Mitchell Froom harmonium
Mitchell Froom keyboards
Mitchell Froom string and horn arrangement
Neil Finn vocal
Pam Wertheimer coordination
Pete Thomas drums
Ron Black assistant engineer
Scott Bryan guitar
Sheryl Crow bass
Sheryl Crow guitar
Sheryl Crow harmonium
Sheryl Crow loops
Sheryl Crow organ
Sheryl Crow piano
Sheryl Crow producer
Sheryl Crow synthesizer
Steen Sundland photography
Stephanie Pfriender photography
Stephen Weintraub executive producer
Steve Berlin sax
Steve Donnelly dobro
Tad Wadhams bass
Tchad Blake engineer
Tchad Blake mix
Todd Wolfe dobro
Todd Wolfe guitar
Trina Shoemaker engineer
Wally Ingram djembe
Wally Ingram drums

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