Soul Flutes

Recording Years / Label
1968-1970 -  CTI Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bucky Pizzarelli guitar
Eric Gale guitar, piano
George Marge
Grady Tate drums
Henry Watts marimbas, vibraphone
Herbie Hancock organ, piano, harpsichord
Herbie Mann flute
Joel Kaye
Paul Griffin organ
Ray Barretto percussion
Romeo Penque
Ron Carter bass
Stan Webb
Name Birth Death
Bucky Pizzarelli 1926-01-09 2020-04-01
Eric Gale 1938-09-20 1994-05-25
George Marge
Grady Tate 1932-01-14 2017-10-06
Henry Watts
Herbie Hancock 1940-04-12
Herbie Mann 1930-04-16 2003-07-02
Joel Kaye
Paul Griffin 1937-08-06 2000-06-14
Ray Barretto 1929-04-29 2006-02-17
Romeo Penque
Ron Carter 1937-05-04
Stan Webb

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