The Evolution Of Gospel - Sounds of Blackness

Stock Number
395 361
A&M Records
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1991-10
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Chains 00:01:02
2 Optimistic 00:05:19
3 Ah Been Workin' 00:00:42
4 Pressure, Pt. 1 00:06:04
5 Testify 00:04:58
6 Gonna Be Free One Day 00:00:37
7 Stand! 00:04:25
8 Pressure, Pt. 2 00:05:42
9 Your Wish Is My Command 00:05:01
10 Hallelujah Lord! 00:01:44
11 We Give You Thanks 00:06:16
12 He Holds the Future 00:05:01
13 What Shall I Call Him? 00:04:04
14 Better Watch Your Behavior 00:01:54
15 Please Take My Hand 00:04:37
16 I'll Fly Away 00:03:49
17 Harambee (Swahili For Let Us All Pull... 00:01:04
Credit Sort descending Role
Andre Shepard vocal
Angela Henderson soprano vocal
Ann Nesby soprano vocal
Ann Nesby vocal
Billy Steele organ
Bob Thomas background vocal
Brad Yost engineer
Brian Gardner mastering
Carrie Harrington alto vocal
Carrie Harrington background vocal
Carrie Harrington vocal
Cheryl Warder-Reeves soprano vocal
Chico Cockrell drum programming
Core Cotton alto vocal
Core Cotton background vocal
Core Cotton vocal
Dave Rideau mix
David Wright baritone sax
David Wright soprano sax
David Young baritone vocal
Dick Whitbeck arranger
Dorothy Brown soprano vocal
Dorothy Shelby alto vocal
Dorothy Townes alto vocal
Dorothy Townes vocal
Elizabeth Turner background vocal
Elizabeth Turner soprano vocal
Franklin Wharton alto sax
Franklin Wharton balafon
Franklin Wharton flute
Freddie Winston baritone vocal
Gary Hines arranger
Gary Hines conductor
Gary Hines congas
Gary Hines director
Gary Hines drum programming
Gary Hines piano
Gary Hines producer
Gary Hines timpani
Geoffrey Jones baritone vocal
Geoffrey Jones bass vocal
Gordon Bruce bass vocal
Gregory Sears bass vocal
Ira Conley bass vocal
Jamecia Bennett soprano vocal
Jamecia Bennett vocal
Jayn Bell soprano vocal
Jeanine McAdams keyboards
Jennifer Whitlock alto vocal
Jimmy Jam drum programming
Jimmy Jam executive producer
Jimmy Jam keyboards
Jimmy Jam producer
Joseph Young bass
Kellie Hickman soprano vocal
Kevin Johnson keyboards
Kevin Whitlock congas
Kevin Whitlock timpani
Kimberly Brown alto vocal
Lance Alexander drum programming
Larry Sims piccolo
Larry Sims piccolo trumpet
Larry Sims trumpet
Larry Waddell keyboards
LaSalle Gabriel guitar
Lisa Russell alto vocal
Lo-Key? hand claps
Louis Wilson horns
Louis Wilson soprano sax
Louis Wilson tenor sax
Michael Bowens tenor vocal
Mint Condition hand claps
Mufundisi Young bass
Otis Montgomery tenor vocal
Otis Montgomery vocal
Pat Levy vocal
Patricia Lacy alto vocal
Patricia Lacy vocal
Prof T vocal
Regina Williams alto vocal
Regina Williams background vocal
Renee McCall soprano vocal
Robert Edwards tenor vocal
Robert Jones tenor vocal
Robert Pittman bass
Robin Berry harp
Rojeem Talyor bass vocal
Rojeem Taylor bass vocal
Rowan Moore art direction
Rowan Moore design
Russell Knighton, Jr. tenor vocal
Sandra Harris background vocal
Sandra Harris soprano vocal
Shirley Graham alto vocal
Shirley Graham background vocal
Shirley Graham vocal
Soli Hughes guitar
Sonya Kates background vocal
Sounds of Blackness background vocal
Sounds of Blackness vocal
Spirit V background vocal
Spirit V vocal
Steve Hodge engineer
Steve Hodge mix
Stokley Williams background vocal
Stuart Watson photography
Susan Owens coordination
Susan Owens coordinator
Terence Frierson tenor vocal
Terrence Frierson background vocal
Terrence Frierson tenor vocal
Terry Lewis bass
Terry Lewis executive producer
Terry Lewis producer
Timothy Lee bass vocal
Tom Berthiaume photography
Tony Werth assistant engineer
Trenon Graham drums
Trenon Graham percussion
Troy Werth assistant engineer
Valarie Johnson alto vocal
Valarie Johnson background vocal
Valerie Johnson background vocal
Wanda Lewis soprano vocal
Wendy Ingram alto vocal
Wendy Ingram background vocal
William Smith tenor vocal
Willie Wesley tenor vocal

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