Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - Soundtrack

Stock Number
CZM 66600
A&M Records
cassette album.
Released: 1978
Credit Sort descending Role
Anthony D’Amico assistant engineer
Barry Gibb vocal
Bernard Purdie drums
Bernard Purdie percussion
Clive Chapman bass
David Dowell drums
David Hungate bass
David Paich keyboards
Emilio Castillo tenor sax
Francis Monkman synthesizer
Fred Meyer mastering
Fred Tackett guitar
Gavyn Wright concertmaster
Geoff Emerick engineer
George Martin arranger
George Martin keyboards
George Martin producer
Glenn Ross art direction
Greg Adams trumpet
Harry Bluestone concertmaster
Jack Douglas co-producer
Jeff Beck guitar
Jeff Porcaro drums
John Golden mastering
Larry Carlton guitar
Lenny Pickett synthesizer
Lenny Pickett tenor sax
Maurice Gibb vocal
Maurice White producer
Max Middleton keyboards
Max Middleton synthesizer
Mick Gillette trombone
Mick Gillette trumpet
Nigel Walker assistant engineer
Paul Gross design
Peter Frampton guitar
Ray Cooper percussion
Ray Russell guitar
Ricky Hitchcock guitar
Robert Ahwal guitar
Robin Gibb vocal
Steve Kupka baritone sax
Susan Herr design
Tim Bryant design
Tom Nikosey design
Tommy Reilly harmonica
Victor Feldman percussion
Wilbur Bascomb bass

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