The Phantom Of the Paradise - Soundtrack

Stock Number
75021 3176
A&M Records
United States
cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of SP 3176.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 M.C. Introduction 00:00:00
2 I've Got to Use My Imagination 00:00:00
3 Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love 00:00:00
4 Beauty's Only Skin Deep 00:00:00
5 Jesus Build a Fence Around Me 00:00:00
6 Occapella 00:00:00
7 Lay Back 00:00:00
8 I Really Got It Bad For You 00:00:00
9 Until They Say Mercy 00:00:00
10 We're All Goin' Home 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Archie Hahn vocal
Art Munson guitar
Craig Doerge piano
Dave Garland piano
Gary Mallaber drums
Harold Oblong vocal
Jeffrey Comanor vocal
Jerry Whitman vocal
Jim Haas vocal
Jim Hughart bass
John Alvin cover art
Jon Joyce vocal
Junie Osaki design
Kerry Chater vocal
Leland Sklar bass
Max Bennett bass
Mike Melvoin piano
Paul Williams arranger
Paul Williams producer
Roland Young art direction
Tom Bahler vocal
Tommy Vicari engineer
Tommy Vicari remix

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