Ghosts - Strawbs

Stock Number
31454 0937
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1998-6 -7
Recording Notes
Remastered, 3 bonus tracks
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Sweet Dreams/Long Night/Guardian Angel 00:08:33
2 Lemon Pie 00:04:01
3 Starshine/Angel Wine 00:05:15
4 Where Do You Go (When You Need...) 00:03:02
5 Impressions Of Southall from the Train/The Auction 00:06:53
6 Don't Try to Change Me 00:04:28
7 Remembering 00:01:00
8 You and I (When We Were Young) 00:04:00
9 Grace Darling 00:03:55
10 Changes Arrange Us 00:03:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Dare design
Chas Cronk bass
Chas Cronk guitar
Claire Deniz cello
Dave Cousins acoustic guitar
Dave Cousins banjo
Dave Cousins coordination
Dave Cousins electric guitar
Dave Cousins lead vocal
Dave Lambert electric guitar
Dave Lambert lead vocal
Dave Morse photography
J. McGillicuddy art direction
Jack Emblow accordion
John Lumley-Savile synthesizer
John Mealing keyboards
John Mealing organ
Mike Glossop engineer
Mike Stone mix
Rick Wakeman harpsichord
Robert Kirby choral arrangement
Robin Freeman engineer
Rod Coombes drums
Rod Coombes electric guitar
Roger Mayer engineer
Strawbs arranger
Tom Allom cymbalum
Tom Allom engineer
Tom Allom mix
Tom Allom producer
Tommy Eyre clavinet
Tommy Eyre piano
Tommy Eyre synthesizer
Tony Carr congas
West Wycome Church Choir background vocal

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