Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground

Stock Number
31453 1252
A&M Associated Labels (Polydor)
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1996-5 -7
Recording Notes
Remastered, cassette deleted 5/15/2000
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Candy Says 00:04:02
2 What Goes On 00:04:52
3 Some Kinda Love 00:04:00
4 Pale Blue Eyes 00:05:38
5 Jesus 00:03:22
6 Beginning to See the Light 00:04:38
7 I'm Set Free 00:04:01
8 That's the Story Of My Life 00:01:56
9 The Murder Mystery 00:08:53
10 After Hours 00:02:07
Credit Sort descending Role
Billy Name photography
Bob Ludwig mastering
Doug Yule background vocal
Doug Yule bass
Doug Yule organ
Lou Reed guitar
Lou Reed vocal
Maureen Tucker percussion
Maureen Tucker vocal
Sterling Morrison guitar
Sterling Morrison vocal
Val Valentin engineer
Velvet Underground arranger
Velvet Underground producer

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