Everything-N-More - Vesta Williams

Stock Number
31454 0114
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1994-7 -1
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I'll Give You My Love 00:05:22
2 Over and Over 00:05:12
3 So Good 00:05:34
4 Now That I Have You 00:03:44
5 Always 00:05:09
6 Outstanding 00:05:58
7 Tell Me 00:04:48
8 Can't Let Go 00:04:01
9 Stop Frontin' 00:04:48
10 In Your Mind 00:05:22
11 4 the Love Of U 00:05:27
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Rapoport photography
Al Turner bass
Angela Williams coordination
Arthur Marbury drums
Barrie Goshko design
Brian McKnight producer
C. J. Anthony background vocal
Charlie Watts engineer
Charlie Watts mix
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Chuckii Booker background vocal
Chuckii Booker keyboards
Chuckii Booker producer
Chuckii Booker programming
Clell Moore assistant engineer
Clif Watkins assistant engineer
Danny Jacob guitar
Dante MacKay drum programming
Darrell Smith piano
Darryl Shepherd drum programming
Darryl Shepherd keyboards
Darryl Shepherd producer
David Koenig engineer
David McMurray sax
Davin Foutz second engineer
Dawn Green background vocal
Dawud Muhammad mix
Dino Soldo harp
Djinji Brown engineer
Djinji Brown mix
E. J. Jackson executive producer
E. J. Jackson mix
Eddie Howard, Jr. keyboards
Emerson Mykoo mix assistant
Ester Ridgeway background vocal
Fuji Bright engineer
Gerard Smerek engineer
Gerard Smerek mix
Glenn Bolton producer
Gloria Ridgeway background vocal
Gracie Ridgeway background vocal
Gregg Barrett second engineer
Harvey Mason drums
Jeffrey Suttles overdubs
Jenise La Vel Super coordination
John Jorgenson guitar
Jon Gass mix
Jose Rodriguez mastering
Kenneth Wright co-producer
Kenneth Wright keyboards
Kevin Evans mix
Kevin Welsh assistant engineer
Lanny Cordola guitar
Marc Gordon producer
Martin Van Blockson background vocal
Martin Van Blockson drum programming
Martin Van Blockson keyboards
Martin Van Blockson producer
Matt Still engineer
Michael Eckart keyboards
Michael Eckart mix
Michael Eckart producer
Michael Eckart programming
Michael Powell arranger
Michael Powell engineer
Michael Powell guitar
Michael Powell keyboard programming
Michael Powell keyboards
Michael Powell mix
Michael Powell percussion
Michael Powell producer
Milton Chan engineer
Nathan East bass
Nazeeh Islam mix assistant
Paul Allen engineer
Paul Allen programming
Phillip Vincent producer
Rajean DeGrandmaison mix assistant
Ray Silva mix assistant
Rex Salas drum programming
Rex Salas keyboards
Rex Salas mix
Rex Salas producer
Rich Herrera mix
Richard Huredia mix assistant
Richie D’Tempo drum programming
Rob Russell engineer
Sandi Hawthorne coordination
Sandy Jenkins engineer
Terral Santiel triangle
The Lone Wolf background vocal
Tim Heintz keyboards
Tim Heintz piano
Tim Heintz programming
Vernon Fails arranger
Vernon Fails keyboards
Vesta Williams background vocal
Vesta Williams producer
Yarel assistant engineer

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