4U - Vesta Williams

Stock Number
75021 5223
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Here/Say 00:04:57
2 All On You 00:04:11
3 4U 00:05:15
4 Sweet, Sweet Love 00:05:37
5 How You Feel 00:05:01
6 Best I Ever Had 00:04:04
7 Hunger 00:04:29
8 Congratulations 00:05:35
9 Running Into Memories 00:04:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Bennett drums
Attala Zane Giles arranger
Attala Zane Giles producer
Attala Zane Giles remix
Attala Zane Giles vocal
Barney Perkins mix
Brandon Fields sax
Bryan Arnett mix assistant
Cecil Duke engineer
Charles Fearing guitar
Chuck Beeson art direction
Darren D’Lavance synthesizer
David Crawford producer
E. J. Jackson executive producer
E. J. Jackson vocal
Freddie Washington bass
Gary Prim keyboards
Gary Prim producer
Gary Prim synthesizer
Gerald Albright sax
Jeremy Lubbock string arrangement
Jesus Garber vocal
Joe Shay engineer
Joe Shay vocal
John Arias engineer
John Barnes synthesizer
Judd Levison assistant engineer
Mary Maurer design
Oren Waters background vocal
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Robbie Buchanan drums
Robert Macias engineer
Robert Macias remix
Roman Johnson synthesizer
Roy Galloway background vocal
Ryan Green engineer
Tandia White vocal
Tena Clark arranger
Tena Clark producer
Terry Marshall drums
Terry Marshall synthesizer
Thomas Organ guitar
Todd Gray photography
Vesta Williams background vocal
Vesta Williams producer
Vesta Williams vocal
Wayne Vaughn piano

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