In Rock We Trust - Y&T

Stock Number
AMLX 65007
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1984-8 -6
Recording Notes
Deleted February 1989.
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
10 This Time 00:05:36
9 She's a Liar 00:03:34
1 Rock and Roll's Gonna Save the World 00:04:39
3 Masters and Slaves 00:03:58
6 Lipstick and Leather 00:03:25
2 Life, Life, Life 00:04:38
4 I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know) 00:03:50
8 Drivin' Me Crazy (Your Love Is) 00:04:57
7 Don't Stop Runnin' 00:04:20
5 Break Out Tonight 00:04:23
Chart Peak Date
Official UK Charts 33 1984-8-18
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tom Allom producer
Robert Ellis photography
Randy Bachman photography
Philip Kennemore bass
Philip Kennemore vocal
Leonard Haze drums
Leonard Haze percussion
John Dismukes illustration
Joey Alves guitar
Joey Alves vocal
David Luke assistant engineer
Dave Meniketti guitar
Dave Meniketti vocal
Dave Lepori photography
Chuck Beeson art direction
Buddy Thornton assistant engineer
Andy deGahnal engineer

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